A Day In The Life Of A Little Mann

Little Mann, Big Laundry

Day In The Life
Samuel’s Laundry

Can you believe such a little guy can create so much laundry. Especially since he wears size four shirts and itty bitty shorts. No long sleeves because of his short arms. And only a few long pants which need to be rolled up to fit right. Add bedding, blankets, clothes, drool cloths and it adds up to one big basket of laundry.

Samuel's Life
Samuel’s Cropped Jacket

A Day In Samuel’s Life

Like the ever-present laundry basket, Samuel needs to be attended to everyday. He wakes up full of joy, happily greeting me with smiles. His smile not only brightens the room, but lightens my heart. What a wonderful way to start the day.

A Day In The Life
Good Morning Samuel

After a quick change and giving him water through his g-tube, it is time for breakfast.

Daily Life
I’m Eating All By Myself

Then it’s time for a stroller ride outside. If it is too warm outside, the ride is quick. Samuel does not do well if he gets too hot. His forehead turns red and he starts to sweat. I frequently check the temperature before we go out. This time of year the weather is in the low 70’s in the morning. Perfect for stroller rides.

Soon, it is time for the school teacher, speech or occupational therapist to arrive. Before long the sounds of the song, Wheels On The Bus, fill my dining room. Or Samuel will have his hands in some art project.

A Day With Samuel
Samuel Learning

After lunch we go for another stroller ride. Then, as Samuel plays with his books, iPad and chases cereal, I write this blog and post about my memoir, Miracle In My Living Room: The Story Of A Little Mann to social media.

A Day Playing
Playing on Daddy’s Phone

Time for a bath. My little man likes to splash with his hands and kick his feet. I’m sure wash all his cute little rolls. Afterwards, it’s time for dinner and more play time.

A Day In The Life Bath Time
Samuel’s Bath

By the end of the day, my Samuel will be sweetly dreaming. I take my sleeping beauty into his bedroom and place a probe on his foot to measure heart rate and oxygen level. Soft sounds of even breathing fill his room.

Samuel sleeping at end of day
Samuel Sleeping

Our days are not measured by his disability, but by his personality. Click To Tweet

Mommy Reflections

With the faint glow of a salt lamp coming from Samuel’s room, I snuggle in bed and reflect on the day. A day in the life of my son. Though he has a rare form of dwarfism, this quiet moment reminds me he is a full of joy, little boy who laughs, plays and loves attention. Our days are not measured by his disability, but by his personality. He is a gregarious, happy pre-teen whose smile will take your breath away and whose laugh will leave you wanting more. I am blessed to be his mother and to have such joy filling our home.

This is a day in the life of Samuel. What is your day like?

Written By: Evelyn Mann

Author, Miracle In My Living Room: The Story Of A Little Mann

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March 29, 2017

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9 Thoughts on A Day In The Life Of A Little Mann

  1. I love the quote you posted about valuing personality over disability. Samuel clearly has a wonderful life and brings joy to those that know him and to people like me that don’t even know him! We are in 2 of the trach/vent groups on FB and I love your blog and how you share Samuel’s joy and personality with the world.

    • Hi Natalie, I’m so glad you liked the quote. I’m sure you can relate being in the trach/vent groups on Facebook. We simply love our sweet children, don’t we? Always focusing on their ability, not their non-ability. Our children’s milestones, though small, are cause for huge celebration. And celebrate, we do. Thanks for leaving your note of encouragement.
      Smiles, Evelyn

  2. Hi. I just wanted to say thank you! My daughter has Dwarfism and a trachy, and all the things your son does is just like her – from how he sleeps to how he stands and plays on daddy’s phone, so thank you! They are a blessing that is immeasurable.

    • Hi Tina, Really? That is so cool your daughter does the same things. I’m not around other children with dwarfism so I wouldn’t have known this without your comment. And, I agree completely, our wee ones are a blessing many times over. Thanks for sharing. We are not alone, are we?
      Smiles, Evelyn

  3. When I am feeling blue I will be re-reading this blog because I couldn’t help but have a huge smile on my face! He is such a blessing and joy!! LOVE this!!! ❤

    • Hi Michele, How encouraging our little mann uplifts you when you need it. He does that for me too. Thanks for sharing, Smiles, Evelyn

  4. My name is Marilyn thank you for that beautiful miracle..he is a blessing..thank you for showing me what love looks like.. Tears of joy is upon me I will not complain anymore..

    Thank you Mrs Mann

  5. I love the photo of him sleeping at the end… too cute. He had a busy day like his mom!

    • It’s amazing he can sleep that way. I remember sleeping in a sleeping bag as a child. That was a long time ago. : ) I get to achy to sleep that way now. Smiles, Evelyln


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