About Miracle Mann.

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About Samuel

My name is Samuel Mann and I am 11-years-old. My Mom likes to call me “Little Mann.” That’s because I am little. Most kids my age are a lot bigger. I’m just 26 pounds. That’s the way I was born. I guess everyone is different in some way.
Like most kids, I like to laugh, giggle and have lots of fun. My favorite song is the “Happy Birthday” song. It just makes me smile. You know what else I like? Watching Elmo and home videos on my i-Pad. I’m really fast at it and surprise anyone who watches me.
But my all-time favorite thing is cereal. I could eat it all day long. Well, I almost do sometimes. I get one piece of golden O’s in a plastic bottle at a time. I figured out how to open the bottle and snag my yummy O’s in no time flat.
Well, I’m gonna go play with my books now.


About Evelyn

Evelyn Mann is a middle-aged, stay at home mom who lives in Tampa, FL raising her special needs son, aka the “Miracle Mann".

She met her husband online at ChristianCafe.com. A year after they were married, their son was born with a lethal form of dwarfism. Her memoir, Miracle In My Living Room: The Story Of A Little Mann, chronicles her and her husband’s journey of faith from medical diagnosis to overcoming all odds. The popular blog, MiracleMann.com, shares Evelyn’s journey as the mother of a miracle.

Her son’s miraculous story has been featured on WFLA Channel 8, Fox35 Orlando, Inspirational Radio, Catholic News Agency and Christian Television Network. Her son was also interviewed on Special Books by Special Kids which has been viewed over 2 million times.

Receiving inquiries from around the world, she offers others families hope and encouragement sharing that unthinkable circumstances are not beyond God’s reach.

Evelyn's Books

“Miracle in my Living Room" is the memoir written by Evelyn Mann about raising her son, Samuel. Since then Evelyn has written more books about raising a special needs child as well as e-books on blogging and publishing.

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