October is Dwarfism Awareness Month

The Wonder of Miracle Mann

Dwarfism defines Samuel in many ways. He is a little guy at two feet, three inches. Life is lived looking up. He looks up from his stroller, his high chair, his tailor-made table and chairs, and his toddler bed.

However, what truly defines Samuel is not his size or his view, but his bright and brilliant personality which is larger than life, engaging and encouraging all who meet him to be captivated. This is the true essence defining his life.

Samuel’s Smile

He is defined by his love for people. His radiant love can be seen by the many blow kisses he sends with a touch of his tiny hand to his ruby lips. Or by the peek-a-boo game he plays by covering one of his hazel eyes with his right hand. And this radiance is also captivated in his glow and through his engaging smile.

Samuel’s Story of Dwarfism

This little man’s story started 16 years ago with a precarious beginning. Little did we know then, our soon to be born son would be a miracle. At the time, there were few survivors of his diagnosis, Thanatophoric Dwarfism. The reports were indeed grim from the medical community and with no examples of encouragement, we turned to our faith to believe for the impossible.

A Miracle turns 14-years-old
From Birth to Bubbly Boy

In his first few weeks, he faced tracheostomy surgery and a g-tube placement. A round on various types of ventilators helped our little guy breathe. When he grew big enough (5 kilos), Samuel surprised us all by tolerating a home ventilator. We could finally take our son home from the hospital.

So began our journey raising a miracle. Since those early days, Samuel continues to surprise us. He no longer requires a ventilator. His fingers dance around on an iPad, better than I can. He delights his teacher, as well as his physical, speech, and occupational therapist’s with his wit and cheeky personality.

Moments Not Defined By Dwarfism But By Joy

As his mom, I have learned to cherish the moments of joy Samuel brings to our home. One particular moment that especially warms my heart is when our little guy goes to bed for the night. He giggles and laughs as if an angel were entertaining him. I wish I could bottle those moments and share them with everyone.

Samuel’s Little Hand

The next best thing is to follow our dwarfism journey on Instagram. www.instagram.com/miraclemann17

For an in-depth telling of our story, check out Miracle In My Living Room: A Story of a Little Mann in the website book store. www.miraclemann.com/book-store

For more information about dwarfism, go to Little People of Amercia’s (LPA) website at www.lpaonline.org/faq

Click here to read more about Samuel and Dwarfism Awareness. (Watch the embedded video.) https://miraclemann.com/a-mothers-journey-dwarfism-awareness/

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October 2, 2021

2 Thoughts on October is Dwarfism Awareness Month

  1. I love seeing Samuel’s dear face and smile. He warms my heart and I smile when I see him. Tears come when I think of him, you all and my heart goes out to you all. I am happy to see the joy he brings to you and us all. A precious lad, a gift to us all. Samuel, a shining star. xxxx

    • Your kind comments show your tender heart, kindness & compassion. Thank you for sharing your heart and your love for our little guy. Blessings, Evelyn


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