How To Add Grace To Your “To Do” List

Time Ticking Away

You don’t have to be a special needs mother to appreciate most days are upside down. On any given day, I feel time slipping away swallowed by urgent requests which grab for my attention. My “to do” list grows longer as my gray hair multiplies.  At the end of one particularly busy day, I opened my iPhone calendar and pushed three tasks out to the next day. These are things I promised to do for others. Though I wished I could have completed my list, being content with my son soundly sleeping was achievement enough for the day.


Time To Sleep
Time To Sleep

The Balance Of Life

Recently I heard of a popular new book called Oola: Find Balance In An Unbalanced World. The authors focus on balancing 7 aspects of your life. The 7 F’s of Oola are Fitness, Finance, Family, Field (career), Faith, Family, and Fun. I have not picked up this non-fiction work to read yet, but I did listen to an interview with the authors. One thing I appreciated is their focus on faith as an aspect of balancing your life.

If you have read this book, let me know your thoughts.

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The Gift of Grace

As I face my days filled with raising my miracle boy, the one thing that helps me, when I slow down enough to breathe, is to focus on my faith. The peace I need to live in this frenzied, fast-paced, gotta do it now world is found in these words:

My grace is sufficient for you. 2 Corinthians 12:9a

And this Grace holds me together. When it is late at night, and Samuel needs to be suctioned, grace helps me to jump up with energy I didn’t know I had and help our little guy. When my wee one gets a cold, and we sleep on the floor by his toddler bed for three nights, grace gets us through. Link to full story. When challenges come from many fronts, grace picks me when I can’t figure it out and make everything better. When my “to do” isn’t done, grace helps me to know tomorrow is another day.

Time To Smile
Time To Smile

Resting in Grace

How do I rest in this grace in the face of a long “to do” list? I give myself grace. Laundry may pile up, but my son is smiling. Papers clutter my desk, but laughter from my little guy trumps a clean desk. Emails may not be responded to, but there are 24 hours left in tomorrow. Grace helps me to take my guilt of not doing everything and trade it for peace.

Grace helps me to take my guilt of not doing everything and trade it for peace. Click To Tweet

Giving Others Grace

As we receive God’s grace, give ourselves grace, then we can extend grace to others more easily. When I wonder when a friend will respond to an email, I realize how busy life is not just for me, but everyone. Then I’m reminded to extend grace. When someone is late in meeting me, I remember how hard it is for me to get out the door with Samuel, and I extend grace. When someone cuts me off in traffic, I picture the driver rushing his pregnant wife to the hospital, and I extend grace. (I did this the other day, it helped.)

How has grace help you to balance the daily deluge of an ever-growing calendar? What helps you give yourself grace? And extend grace to others? Let me hear your story. I read each one.

Written By Evelyn Mann

Author, Miracle In My Living Room: The Story Of A Little Mann

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6 Thoughts on How To Add Grace To Your “To Do” List

  1. Wonderful blog, Evelyn.

  2. He is so beautiful. This post was really good. I look forward to read other post from you.

  3. Aw, I love this. I’m sure we often forget to give ourselves grace. It definitely helps us to extend grace if we can give it to oursevles because we can then understand. Awesome post!

  4. Grace is so hard and so beautiful. ❤️

  5. Yes, yes, and yes! I’m so glad you pointed out that we have to extend grace to ourselves, and that helps us to extend it to others. I had to learn this myself one year when I kept getting sick and couldn’t do all the things I thought were so important. Somehow, everything that really had to get done, did. God’s grace really is sufficient…if we will accept it and apply it to our lives. Thanks, Evelyn! God bless you and your family. 🙂

  6. Thank you for including me in your post. Your post is so true and beautiful.
    Our Lord extends so much Grace to us and strengthens us in times of need.
    “My Graceis sufficient for you…for my strength is made perfect in weakness.”
    I have been struggling with cancer since March and may struggle for years, only our Heavenly Father knows, but His Prescence is much more real as I go through my days.
    May the store house of God’s Blessings be yours as you care for your beloved son.
    In Christ,
    Nancy Janes


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