Lessons Learned From A 13-Year-Old

One day I noticed my 13-year-old son, Samuel watching a video from church. As the iPad camera panned the fellowship hall, several parishioners clapped and sang “Happy Birthday.” In the last few seconds, the iPad screen focuses in on Samuel smiling from hearing his favorite song. He beams into the camera with a grin reaching his eyes. His exuberance and joy are infectious. The screen fades out as Samuel taps the screen to replay the video.

Life Lessons From Home Videos
Samuel watching home videos.

Watching Samuel view home video’s again and again made me think about how we live our lives.

Living Busy

I don’t know about you, but my “to do” list keeps me busy. My focus is completing one task and then moving onto the next. Sometimes, I pause and capture a picture of a bee on a flower, but many times I don’t even notice the flowers.

Lessons From A Flower
Life Lessons From A Flower

This is how most of us live, going from one task to the next, only to wake up again and do it all over.

Capturing Time

In all the busyness, we look ahead to the beautiful things of life like spending time with family and friends. We capture these moments in videos and photos.

In the summer of 2014, we enjoyed an unforgettable trip to Niagara Falls, Ontario. Once we came home, I spent hours making an album of our adventures. The result is a beautiful 43-page full color hard cover book I set out on my coffee table. But how many times do I look at it?

Living In The Past

Watching Samuel, I realized he is re-living his favorite moments over and over. He is living life again. Am I so busy that I am forgetting my most memorable moments? I eagerly anticipate going out to dinner with my husband, enjoy spending quality time with Samuel, look forward to going on vacation, and love birthday celebrations and holidays. But, do I re-live them after they are over. Not very often.

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Every morning my Facebook feed pops up a post from the past. Talk about memory lane.  One such memory was a picture of my business donating a check to the Make-A-Wish foundation. This brought back unforgettable memories from an amazing weeklong trip to Disney World and Sea World.

Disney Vacation
Give Kids The World Village, Orlando, FL

Scenes flash through my mind: Samuel laughing at a Macaw screeching, the dolphin leaping up to kiss my boy and the joy of watching him stare in awe as we walked through the aquarium tunnel.

The Mix: Living In The Now & The Past

Life Lessons From Miracle Mann
Life Lessons from Miracle Mann

The balance of life is living in the now and appreciating the past. Capture precious moments in photos and videos. Stop and be present. Hug your children. Picture the flowers. And then open the albums, re-watch the videos, and remember.

These are the lessons my son taught me by simply watching home videos. What are your children teaching you?

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  1. Wow! Beautiful post! it’s so true that we are just rushing for one day to the next and living for ticking things off a list! We need to sometimes stop and smell the flowers. Time is one thing that is not guaranteed!


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