Love’s Heartbeat: A Mother’s Journey

When I was single, I asked God to give me someone to love. Being late into my 30’s, I thought it was time for marriage, and I didn’t know how God was going to answer this prayer request. I had heard a story of a lady who chose an unconventional way to ask God to change her single ways. She hung a man’s pants in her closet and asked God to fill the pants with a husband. And you know what, a short matter of time, she was engaged.

Well, I didn’t hang up a pair of pants, but I did sign up for a Christian Singles Online Dating service. And in less than a year, I met my future husband.

My Husband My Love
The Man I Love

Now I had an answered prayer and someone to love. And the love didn’t stop there. The adventure really began after having my son.

Then I learned love’s intensity in a new way seeing my newborn in the hospital. I marveled at this amazing wee child who completely shifted my definition of love. If you’re a mom, you understand. You find this creation to be an extension of your own body. If your child feels joy, so do you. If your child is hurt or is crying, your world stops until you can make it better.


A Mother's Love For Son
The Boy I Love

As my son grows into a joyous young boy, my love only increases. I realize what a precious gift I have been given to be a mother of. His rareness does not elude me. Recently, someone met my son for the first time. I could see she was having a challenge realizing my 25 pound, 25 inch boy is 10 years old. To be sure, my son is not like any other 10 year old I know. And I see the confused looks of others seeing a boy sitting in a stroller in our adventures in public.

My Love My Boy
Strolling With My Love

And though my motherhood experience is unique, I submit your children are unique also. No, they may not have special needs or a rare form of dwarfism, but they are one of a kind. Each with a personality and finger print found no where else. We are all raising a miracle.

And your passion and love for your child is indescribable. This is something all mothers no matter the language barrier understand.

A Middle Aged Mother, A Special Needs Child, A Forever Love. Click To Tweet

As I kiss my son’s forehead tonight, I revel in preciousness of being a mom. What a privilege to love on our little guy. I pray he knows how much he is loved. So, God answered my prayer in double measure so many years ago. And I entered a world of love I didn’t know existed.


A Mother's Love
My Two Loves

As we celebrate Mother’s Day next Sunday, thank God for answering your prayer to give you someone to love.

Share your own story below. I read each one.

Written By: Evelyn Mann

Author, WIP, A Miracle In My Living Room



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4 Thoughts on Love’s Heartbeat: A Mother’s Journey

  1. That was a beautiful testimony. Thanks for sharing the love!

  2. Every one is unique. Some, like your son, wear their uniqueness on their sleeves. Some, like you, wear it more quietly. Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. Beautiful family!

  4. Very happy to hear that you got what you wished for. All the best for the future!


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