Mom Of A Miracle

When you were a young girl, you dreamed of growing up, getting married and having children. Well, at least, I did. I even designed my wedding dress. I envisioned layers of white taffeta which flowed to reveal my ankles as I walked. I also read lots of romance novels as a girl which led to thoughts of a dreamy marriage and a happily ever after.

Fast forward to my late 30’s and marriage had eluded me. Until I married my dreamy husband. That picture became a reality. The dress did not. (Though a dream came true when my friend bought my dress for me.)


Wedding Gown
Wedding Gown

Mom Of A Miracle

Then I became a mom to a miracle. My son was not expected to live past birth, yet God had other plans.

As soon as my son was born, I was thrust into a world of machines, doctors and diagnoses. This was not the stuff of romance novels or happily ever after. Thoughts of hopes and dreams for my child’s future required significant adjustment. Then I saw the first glimpse of my wee child’s smile. Time suspended as a joy not previously known coursed through my whole being. So this is what motherhood feels like.

Mom Of A Miracle
Early days of the NICU

Looking past all the wires, hoses and machines, I see a beautiful child who takes my breath away. And he still does today. And though my journey of motherhood does not fit in a dreamy romance novel, it has other benefits I could not have know when Samuel was born.


Hope deferred makes the heart sick. Proverbs 13:12

Ten years ago, the only hope we had was to trust God with the outcome of our son’s life. We could not show a picture to the doctors and say, “Here, look these children can survive.” To our knowledge, there were no survivors we knew of. (There actually were but our doctors did not know about them.) Now Samuel (and others) have changed this scenario. Parents whose children have Thanatophoric Dwarfism (TD) can now point to our son as a survivor.

Without saying a word, a child inspires hope. Click To Tweet

I have received messages from around the world from parents needing hope. In last week’s blog ( I shared about a mom who contacted me from Germany. I also introduced you to Jacquelynn’s son, Devan, who was also a miracle. ( Jacquelynn lives in a border town in Texas.

Imagine my surprise when I received a message from another mom of a miracle from the same border town as Jacquelynn. Her name is Angel and her sweet son, Michael was born six weeks ago. To my knowledge, I have never heard of two TD children being born in the same town. I was in awe. I connected Jacquelynn and Angel together on Messenger and found out wee Michael was born at the same hospital as Devan.

Mom Of A Miracle
Baby Michael

Further discussion revealed the same doctor who treated Devan is now treating Michael. Jacquelynn went the next day to meet Angel. I imagine the meeting was precious for both moms. Jacquelynn later shared with me that she showed a video of Samuel to the doctor now treating Michael. She said he was amazed.


So now, Angel has hope for her son because of mine. She has received a hug in person from another miracle mom whose son, though his life was brief, also encourages her. She has hope. How do I know? Here is a post from Angel I feel reveals this hope and her faith:

If you have ever been in a situation where you are being told to give up on life by doctors…that there is no chance of surviving. Please don’t listen. Fight for what you love…the doctors don’t always know what they are talking about. The will to survive is stronger than these doctors playing God. Only God knows for sure. Don’t give up…hang on to your faith. The most amazing thing can happen if you believe. Please keep praying for our son. God is listening.~Angel


I love that my son connects me to these moms of miracles. I love that a video can give a mom hope and help open the eyes of doctor to unknown possibilities. I love that a mom an ocean away can connect and find hope. And just in the past few days, another survivor in Brazil lives to tell the TD story.

So, no I am not living a story book life full of romantic notions; but my son is blessing others in ways I couldn’t have imagined. You never know, this account you are reading now could help other moms find hope where they thought there was none. And that is priceless.

Written By Evelyn Mann

Author, WIP, A Miracle In My Living Room

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2 Thoughts on Mom Of A Miracle

  1. Great article on this condition and how amazing you and your son are. You are right Faith can move mountains. You are helping other moms Who are in the same sitiatuon as you and I believe that is why we write blogs to help others.

  2. This was absolutely beautiful. I have never heard of this issue. I’ll definitely be looking into it further and spread some awareness. I’m not a mother yet, but I can only imagine how special that moment must’ve been. Especially considering your circumstances. It’s so nice that you were able to connect the two moms, you’ve probably changed their life. I hope to make a difference in people’s lives through my blog one day. This was such a good an emoional read.


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