A Miracle Boy Has His Own Fan Club

Several years ago I started this blog to share my momma heart with the world. What is it like being the mother of a miracle? What is life like with a child who survived a lethal form of dwarfism? And I shared pictures. Lots of pictures. And then something amazing happened. My sweet boy started to have a following. A group of wonderful people were taken with his brilliant smile, his joy, and how he overcame all odds. He has a fan club all his own.

Meeting Miracle Mann

So, when one of his dear fans said she wanted to meet our little guy, we agreed. On a sunny day in April, we drove to Chili’s about forty miles away from our home. Cecilia flew all the way from Canada to come to Florida for her vacation. Planned months in advance, she set this time aside to meet the wee boy who wiggled his way into her heart. Stroking the softness of his hand and seeing Samuel flash a huge grin made her face light up with joy.

Samuel Fan
Samuel’s Facebook Fan

Samuel loved all the attention. Cecelia brought Samuel an adorable hardcover children’s picture book and the cutest plush moose stuffed animal. He adores the book playing with it over and over.

Samuel Smile
Picture Book & Moose

An Unexpected Surprise

Visiting the ladies room to change Samuel’s diaper, I met a petite young lady who recognized us from the Special Books by Special Kids interview (https://youtu.be/Ayt465ueRgM) on Facebook. Samuel waved and blew her a kiss. She became overwhelmed with joy and caught a tear with a tissue. This little boy has a way of touching hearts without saying a word. This is not the first time I have seen him touch others. I share a similar story in my interview with Arthelene Rippy on Homekeepers. (https://youtu.be/l-FB67zkxYE)

I’m amazed at this chance meeting. It’s like everything was timed perfectly to meet this dear woman. Then, I found out she was our waitress. We enjoyed seeing her smile and joy during our visit. Another surprise came when she told us another table had anonymously offered to pay for our dessert. The kindness of complete strangers blessing us with this sweet treat just made the day even more special.

Samuel's New Fan
Samuel’s Newest  Fan

Driving home from our visit with Cecilia, I’m awed at how much joy a little eleven-year-boy brings. We need hopeful stories. Like the story of a boy who lights up the room with a simple, radiant smile. Stories where the unexpected happens and you route for the underdog. After all, knowing a miracle is possible, brings hope. And hope fills the soul. I’d say that is a pretty big purpose to have in this world. Wouldn’t you?

Knowing a miracle is possible, brings hope. And hope fills the soul. Click To Tweet

If you have a story of inspiration to share, comment below. I read each one.

Written by: Evelyn Mann

Author: Miracle In My Living Room: The Story Of A Little Mann

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9 Thoughts on A Miracle Boy Has His Own Fan Club

  1. What a precious meeting with Samuel and a memory forever in my heart. It was so nice to visit with you and your hubby. What a blessing to share in the joy that Samuel brings with his smile..laugh…wave and those cute eyes that he flashes at you when he smiles and laugh. God bless!

    • It was such a joy for us too, Cecilia. Thank you for your bright smile, warm heart and love for Samuel. He certainly enjoy all the attention. We will cherish the moose and the books which will remind us of your kindness. He is already wearing out the books. Thanks too for the balloons (a Samuel favorite) and the flowers for me. Hugs & Smiles, Evelyn

  2. He’s such a treasure!
    Sounds like everyone had a lovely and special day.
    I forget that his last name is Mann. I keeps thinking his name is Samuel Smiles. It’s not just his mouth that he smiles with. He also smiles with his eyes, heart and soul and it’s so bright you can capture it in his pictures.

    • LOL, I guess the Samuel’s Smiles campaign is a success. I try to have my iPhone ready at all times to catch that brilliant smile on camera. And sometimes, I just keep the smile all to myself. It makes my heart sing. The amazing blessing is, I am not the only one to be taken with it. Thanks for sharing in the joy of a Samuel Smile. : )

  3. What a wonderful story! And what a wonderful message that we can find joy, happiness and miracles all around us if we only take the time to look,l

    • So true, Julie. I wrote a blog about smelling the roses. Not just as a saying but actually stopping by my rose bush on the way out. It’s amazing how often I pass by and not stop to smell that special Ebb Tide fragrance. The simple pleasure of smelling a rose is so sweet and so is basking in the glow of my son’s smile. As you said, there are joy, happiness and miracles all around us. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Smiles, Evelyn

  4. I am getting a little teary over here reading this. As a mom sometimes I get caught up in the day to day and forget the joy our child’s smile can bring to others. Sometimes it takes strangers to remind me how special my guy is.

    • Hi Audrey, I know what you mean. I have to stop and catch the smile in the moment and not miss it’s preciousness. As I’m finding, time passes too quickly to not appreciate those moments. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Smiles, Evelyn

  5. We absolutely love your teen. My son has Achondroplasia and we both think he is Awesome! Great work mum!


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