A Special Needs Boy Exceeds His Mother’s Expectations

Expectations Exceeded

I once told doctors that my son would surprise them. And, he did. Not expected to live past birth. He did. Then the expectation changed from days…then to months. What a celebration when he came home at six months old. Long term survival was not expected.

He exceeded these expectations. And still does.

I was attempting to strap Samuel in his car seat when he resisted my efforts. His arms clung by his side, and he wasn’t budging. I tried to pull his arm up to get the strap around his small frame. To no avail. Where did this arm strength come from? I stopped trying to strap him in and laughed out loud. I know this isn’t the correct mommy response to stubborn behavior, but I was surprised by his actions.

Boy Exceeds Expectations
Samuel strapped in his car seat

A Strong Willed Child

At eleven-years-old, perhaps he is making his will known. In his non-verbal world, how else can he communicate his wants? He usually vocalizes his desires to where we have come to know when he wants to eat, when he wants cereal and when he is ready for a car ride. So he controls his environment by sounds.

But, physically showing his desires; this is new. After a conversation with his amazing Occupational Therapist, I discovered she’d been having Samuel use ½ pound arm weights to exercise. With such low muscle tone, the results are unexpected.

I remember my wee boy in the NICU when the nurses told me my son had a strong will. They said this would help him survive. The will to live…a basic instinct. The ones who have it, survive. Samuel had it.  He didn’t have the physical strength, but he did have lots of prayer and God worked a miracle.

Boy Exceeds Expectation
Early days of the NICU

I have learned Samuel loves to exceed expectations. In his own time and in his own way. Anyone raising an eleven-year-old boy can probably relate. Sometimes I unknowingly place my own expectations on Samuel. I did not expect him to have the physical strength to express his will. And now he does.

A Mother’s Expectation

So, I have to readjust my thought process and not consider anything out of his reach. He also wasn’t expected to come off of the ventilator, but by God’s grace, he did. This is what I call our second miracle. What other expectations will he exceed? Will he talk? Can’t put it past him. Will he walk? Nothing is impossible. Will he continue to be the full of joy boy we’ve come to know and love? Yes, that is a given.Perhaps I should expect the unexpected. Click To Tweet

Child Exceeds Expectation
Tiny Hands

As we continue this journey, perhaps I should expect the unexpected. We’ve tried for months to get him to wave good-bye. Just this week, we saw him appropriately wave good-bye. Cute star fish like hand twist left and right. And then again. A distinctive wave….and then the huge smile of accomplishment. What else will this wee boy do? I’m so excited to have a front row seat and find out what is next.

Do you have a child who exceeds your expectations? Tell me your story. I read each one.

Evelyn Mann

Author, WIP, A Miracle In My Living Room

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3 Thoughts on A Special Needs Boy Exceeds His Mother’s Expectations

  1. I know a lot of parents with young children with every type of dwarfism have expressed concerns/questions/advice/medical fears and issues as to society acceptance and wonderful pictures and accomplishments of your family and beautiful and handsome children ? Ms Evelyn’Evelyn Kraemerr . . Has the most gorgeous, handsome son, Mr Samuel and she has the most magnificent blog about their journey of their everyday life and the strong faith in God’s Love in giving them His most precious gift, Samuel.
    So, my son, Teddy who’s almost 20 and is going to Oklahoma State University on a full ride scholarship for forensic accounting major and we have also gone to and met the young gentleman whose link of his life story and accomplishments is attached I’ve sent an “invite” to you all to please read this kid’s incredible journey in the racing world. I know some of you all know about the Chili Bowl race every year. Rico won 2015 & 2016 races & by the gracious and wonderful season ticket buyer (btw these guys have been to EVERY Chilli Bowl Race for 30yrs) I was able to get 2 (took Teddy as a reward for making his 1st semester at OSU GPA that was outstanding) tickets on the night Rico raced for his qualifying race. The seats were 2nd row up, 4th turn before the finish line. And when Rico won . . Teddy got awesome video of Rico”s famous “donut spin wims”
    So after MY novel here. . . Please just take a moment to read his accomplishments, his life story about becoming a race car driver and just to read about what Rico states “just because he’s a little person doesn’t mean that he can’t and won’t let that keep from living his dream” say . . Society doesn’t designate our children’s future.
    I hope you all like this story of Rico Abreu’s life.
    Thanks from Tulsa, Oklahoma

  2. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rico_Abreu

    Evelyn here is the link for Rico Abreu

    • Goes to prove anything is possible when you set your mind to it. Rico doesn’t let his disability dissuade him from achieving his goals. Inspiring story. Blessings, Evelyn


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