Four Scriptures To Thrive As A Special Needs Mom

Special Need Mom SonAll mothers need encouragement to face the daily challenges in raising their children. In the case of special needs moms, they need extra grace to face the sometimes hourly challenges in raising a medically fragile child.

At any moment, a serene day full of laughter and smiles can turn into one requiring medical intervention. This tension is not just for a day or a week, but year after year. Some equate the challenges faced by special needs parents with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. How can a mom rise above and manage to be strong not only for their children but for themselves as well?


As a special-needs mother, I often receive comments from others saying how heroic or admirable my role is in raising such a special child. Can I tell you a secret? It is not me. I don’t wake up in the morning and think I am prepared, ready or able to handle the day. I don’t have superhuman abilities to face daily challenges. By the end of the day, I do, however, see another dynamic at work.

My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:9

His grace covers me, giving me the ability to do what I am unable to do in my own strength. At the end of a long day, my son Samuel had started coughing. Since he has a tracheostomy, a cough requires immediate attention. As I leaped into action, my tiredness melted away in an instant. In “go mode,” I used the suction machine to help my son clear his airway. Problem averted, I collapsed into the sofa and breathed a sigh of relief. God gave me grace.


He gently leads those who have young. Isaiah 40:11B

This verse encouraged me to trust God with my baby boy’s life. I often repeated the verse several times a day. A peace settled my heart and helped me to face the next moment even when I was being told my son’s chances were bleak.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5,6

Mixed with grace is the capacity to trust and lean on the Lord in all circumstances. I have had plenty of opportunity to trust God to help my son survive a lethal form of dwarfism. There were days I didn’t know if I would ever bring my son home from the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. If I had relied on my own understanding of the circumstances, I may have given up. But, I trusted God and after six long months in the hospital, my son came home.


And the peace that passes all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7

Prior to being pregnant with my son, I read this verse. I thought I knew what it meant. However, on a warm summer day in 2005, I experienced its meaning first hand. My husband and I were told my unborn child had a “not compatible with life” diagnosis. In that moment, we were not given hope our son would live. I should have been devastated. One would expect I would have been in tears. Instead, I experienced the peace that passes all understanding given these dire circumstances. Awash in peace, this scripture came to mind. What a gift to receive at such a critical moment.

Corrie Ten Boom, who wrote her book, The Hiding Place, told a story her father shared when she was a young girl.

He said, “Corrie, when you and I go to Amsterdam, when do I give you your ticket?”

She answered, “Why, just before we get on the train.”

“Exactly.” He replied. “And our wise Father in heaven knows when you are going to need things too… When the time of need comes, you will look into your heart and find the strength you need – just in time.”

And I also received what I needed in my time of need. The gift of peace.

What verses encourage you as you walk on your journey. Are you seeing God’s hand of grace in your daily circumstances? What verses help you trust in God? Does peace blanket you in your time of most need? Leave your comments below. I read each one.

Written By: Evelyn Mann

Author of Miracle In My Living Room: The Story Of A Little Mann

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15 Thoughts on Four Scriptures To Thrive As A Special Needs Mom

  1. Evelyn, what an encouraging post. Grace, trust, and peace— yes, indeed are necessary in parenting. I’m sure that raising a special needs child requires another level of these treasures from God. God bless you and your family.

    I look forward to sharing your post—your blog— with a couple who have a special needs baby. I’m sure they would find your material helpful.
    Thank you.

    • Thank you, Connie for your kind words. These verses have helped me many times and continue to do so. I hope the couple you’re sharing with finds it helpful as well. I appreciate you sharing it with them. Thank you. Evelyn

  2. This is great, thank you! I love the verses you chose.

  3. Grace. Trust. Peace. Words that should be our mantra every day! Thank you for the reminder.

    • I agree, Julie. I daily need reminders. Maybe that’s why quiet times in the Bible are helpful. Smiles, Evelyn

  4. Love this post! As a special education teacher, my deepest respect goes to the parents who live in the trenches day after day after day. These verses are excellent verses to help anyone remember to lean on God.

    • So true, Melony. Leaning on God helps us get through even the most challenging circumstances. That is the heart of my memoir, Miracle In My Living Room. To show how God showed up in amazing and miraculous ways. As kudos for your service to special needs children. Smiles, Evelyn

  5. I love this! Over the years of living with lupus and Crohns, I’ve learned there is power in praying Scripture. Thank you for sharing your go-to verses.

    • Hi Erin, So you understand. Even though the circumstances may not be the same, the need to lean on God is the same. By the way, if you haven’t checked out Lupus Chick, check her out. She is a good friend of mine. Smiles, Evelyn

  6. Praise God we can look to Him for whatever we need to face the unique challenges we face each day. And thank you for sharing, from your heart, the things you are learning on your difficult, but I’m certain rewarding, journey.

    • Hi Michelle, Really good point. In the midst of challenges, there are rewards. (Should be a future blog post. : )) My rewards are a happy, smiley son whose giggles and laughter fill my home everyday. What are yours? Smiles, Evelyn

  7. Evelyn, the scripture you selected is so comforting. And, when you say, “it’s not me, it’s God” I wanted to say “me, too!” It’s only by grace that we are brought through these trials. Thank you for your beautiful and inspiring post.

    • I have seen God’s grace in so many ways and so many times. And, we were not alone, are we? Thank you for reading this post and your encouraging comment. Smiles, Evelyn

  8. I love the verses you chose too. They are beautifully valid to every believer and especially to believing parent or parents of special needs children. Please note I am not a health professional. Though I was a medical typist for several years . I am very knowledgeable with medical terms. Physicians are worked for included among other med specialties neonatology at a local hospital. that said I looked up Thantomorphic dysplasia on the net. I read articles on, snonoworld and medicalnewstoday. com and others. Found out there are two types of T D. Type` and 2. Later type rather commonly includes a cloverleaf scull As far as I can tell Samuel wasn’t born with such a cranium I kind of conclude Samual is type1. That is if I am right about his head shape. If am correct I am quite impressed with his verbal skills since most kids with type1 are totally nonverbal. That too that he is verbal is part of his miracle status. Bravo to you and your son.

    • Hi Lynne, Yes, Samuel has Type 1 TD. There are TD children who are verbal. One, I understand, speaks fluently. But, when Samuel was on a vent with his trach, I heard many vented/trached children don’t eat by mouth and Samuel took to eating food the first time we fed him. He never looked back. He loves food. I count many miracles in our little guy’s twelve years. I’m looking forward to watching God continue to work miracles. Thanks for your interest in Samuel and his diagnosis. Keep in touch. Smiles, Evelyn


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