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Samuel has been quite the popular little mann lately.  His inspirational story was featured on Channel 8 WFLA Tampa, Fox35 Orlando and twice on local radio with Pete O’Shea. At the end of November, my memoir, Miracle In My Living Room launched. His story of hope and miracles went around the world. From Ireland to New Zealand and beyond.

Meredyth Censullo’s broadcast of Samuel’s story:

Mom’s blog chronicles challenges, joys, of raising a child with incredibly rare condition

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Samuel’s Medical Update:

Since I last posted Samuel had a sleep study in December to determine if he could begin the process of having his trach removed. To say this thought made me faint is an understatement. If he needs help coughing, thereby clearing his airway to help him breathe, I can intervene by suctioning him. I can’t imagine not having this tool in my toolkit. If he passed the sleep study, next steps included a bronchoscopy.

Miracle Mann Test
Samuel’s Sleep Study

The countdown to Samuel’s first MRI had me holding my breath. I tried for most of January to put it out of my mind, oftentimes praying and trying not to take my worry back from God. It was quite a struggle to not worry about my son being under anesthesia for a record three hours long. When Samuel was two weeks old, his tracheostomy surgery lasted 45 minutes. As did his G-tube surgery. The actual time under anesthesia was two hours which still made for a very long wait.

Miracle Mann Post MRI
Samuel Post MRI

Samuel’s Inspirational Story continues:

Samuel also joined me at a book signing at the Sarasota Barnes & Noble where I spoke about his inspirational story. Near the end of my talk, Samuel waved and blew kisses to the audience. Everyone said, “Awe.” One kind lady came up to me after my talk and said she had tears in her eyes listening to our journey.

Samuel's Inspirational Story
Sarasota Barnes & Noble Book Signing

Future book signings will include Avalon Park West Talent Show on April 8, 2017 and at Empress Tea Room & Bistro on May 6, 2017. Just a side note, if you have children, ages 7 – 21 years old, who would like to enter the Talent Show, message Stephanie Stevens at

An e-book will be launching soon as well which will spread Samuel’s story across the world. If you would like to be updated on the launch, email me at

If your book club or women’s group would like to host me as a guest speaker, please email for details.

Written By: Evelyn Mann

Author, Miracle In My Living Room

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