Showering Prayer: A Place To Pray

Have you ever had moments when you wanted the world to stop for just a moment? You want to put everything on pause and go to a quiet place. This happened recently. Though I had no remote to stop time, I still desired to have a serene moment in the middle of my chaos.

An Overwhelming Fear

As I contemplated Samuel, my precious 13-year-old son, needing radical ear surgery*, the need to find solace increased.  I needed to pray. My emotions were a mess. The thoughts running through my mind filled me with fear instead of peace. Looking at the diagnosis online did nothing to make me feel better. Yet, I could not turn away. I had to look. I had to know what my son could be potentially facing.

*Canal Wall Down Mastiodectomy to remove Chloesteatoma.

A Place To Pray

The film, War Room, focuses on a couple, Tony and Elizabeth Jordan, who are in need of prayer intervention. Miss. Clara, a client of Elizabeth, shows her a prayer closet. This is a place in her house she uses to get away from everything and pray. Here she spends time focusing on God and casting her cares on the One who is able to do anything. I needed to go to my own place of prayer.

There are a few areas of my home where I spend quiet moments with God. One is in bed when I first wake up and when I go to sleep. The second is at my desk. My bible lies on the wooden surface ready and available. The prayer journal sits on top of my keyboard with a pen nearby. And third place is in the shower.

Showering Prayer

As the soothing water flows, I keep my eyes closed allowing me to focus on my Heavenly Father. I remember encouraging verses, lift up the concerns of those I love and receive a refreshing of my soul. Yesterday, I entered my shower sanctuary with my heart heavy about Samuel’s upcoming ear surgery. I turned the water to hot and stepped into another world of serenity.

Halfway though, I sensed God asked me, “Do you trust Me?” I contemplated the question, checked my heart, and answered, “Yes.” I then realized this where I needed to live, in that moment of trusting Him with everything. Giving Him my worry and trusting him with not only my life but my son’s as well. Because He loves Samuel more than I can ever imagine.

The Result of Prayer

Stepping out of the shower, my problems did not disappear. I still need to make calls, schedule appointments, and try to find a second opinion. The fear of getting Samuel surgery before any more damage is done still faced me. The angst of my sweet son having a six week recovery and a potential for hearing loss had not gone away.

My role is to not focus on the problem, but on God. To trust and not fear. Click To Tweet

However, now my soul could rest. I can face the future knowing Jesus will be there for Samuel just as He has always been. Does this guarantee I will not feel like passing out the closer we get to surgery day? No. But when that happens, I will go to my shower sanctuary again.

Where is your sanctuary place? How do you conquer fear and find faith to face the future? Do you need prayer? Post your prayer request below.

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