The Adventures of Miracle Mom

Friday was the day. Time to get out of the house. Samuel and I were going on a field trip. Alone. Just us. Memories of my last solo trip with Samuel flooded through my mind. My hubby stayed overnight at the local hospital for some tests 18 months ago and I brought my little man home. Could I do it again?

An Adventure Begins

I didn’t have to take Samuel out. We were safe and happy at home. But, something drew me to take on this adventure. So, off we went. I pushed the stroller to the van and placed Samuel in his car seat. Stepping down from the van, I faced the stroller. I separated the seat and placed it in the van. So far, so good. Taking a deep breath, I leaned over and grabbed both sides of the stroller. With one swift move, I lifted it onto the van step.

The smaller front wheels caught on the lip. Reaching for the handle, I powered through pushing all four wheels into the back. Whew, I did it. Before driving away, I gave Samuel his favorite cereal, said a prayer and drove away.

Mom Adventure
Mommy & Me

Going Out

A mere .7 miles from the home, I carefully parked our huge van in the handicapped parking spot. Thankful for the extra room, I offloaded the stroller and connected the two parts. Slipping Samuel into his chariot, I pushed him into Maddio’s Pizza restaurant.

I’m doing this.

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It felt strange to be without the safety and security of my husband. I trusted him to handle whatever comes our way with our special needs son. Samuel could need a trach change, need to be suctioned, require a breathing treatment or need the help of the ventilator. All things I know how to do, but having my husband nearby gives me comfort. Knowing it had been a long time since my son needed such help gave me some relief.

I ordered my meal and asked the server to carry my salad to the table. Having to push the stroller, I didn’t have my hands free to lift the tray. Placing Samuel next to the table, I handed him his plastic water bottle pre-loaded with cereal.

Breathe & Enjoy

As I enjoyed the salad, a thought came to me. What would I do if I had to go to the bathroom? Well, hopefully I’ll be home before I have to find out. Giving Samuel another snack, I realized I was holding my breath. Relax, I told myself. Enjoy being out with your son. Everything is okay. Letting out a long breath, I smiled.

This is fun.

My pizza arrived and I took a few pictures to mark the occasion.

Mom Adventure Out
Hanging Out with Mom

Finishing up my meal, I walked to the nearby Publix. I faced the dilemma of how to push a cart and Samuel’s stroller at the same time. I picked up a basket instead and selected a few items. At check-out, I took more pictures.

Mom Adventure Shopping
Helping Mom Shop

The young boy who bagged my groceries helped me carry my items to the van. Samuel waved at him and watched him walk away. After I loaded the stroller into the van, I drove home feeling a huge sense of accomplishment. We made it back safely. No crises. No issues.

And a new-found independence.

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Written By: Evelyn Mann

Author, Miracle In My Living Room: The Story of a Little Mann

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4 Thoughts on The Adventures of Miracle Mom

  1. My son was much older when he started needing “help” 24/7. I love your courage! Wonderful, loving family in God’s care.

    • Thank you, Linda. I’m so thankful my “little mann” has become independent in some ways, like feeding himself. In other ways, he still needs me, like my hugs. I hope he’ll never outgrow the hugs. Thank you for your kind comments. Smiles, Evelyn

  2. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I am glad the two of you enjoyed the day alone, just to build your confidence. You are a remarkable woman and a beautiful mother.

    • Hi Rolene, Yes, the day out built my confidence. I have to remember that I don’t have to stay in. We can go out now. I will post our next adventure out on his Facebook page ( Thank you for your kind words.
      Smiles, Evelyn


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