The High’s And Low’s of Parenthood

High & Lows

Have you ever been to a meeting where each participant is asked to share the high’s and low’s of their week or month? Welcome to my virtual Mommy Group where you can post your high of being a mom and a low. (Post in comments below.)

The High

My high is the brilliant smile and persevering spirit of my son battling baffling symptoms. He tries so hard to flash a smile, give a wave or a blow kiss despite not feeling his best. His joy bubbles beneath the surface to reveal his true character as a lover of all he meets. From Mommy & Daddy to the kind ladies at the check out counter at Sam’s Club and Walmart, he blows kisses and offers brilliant smiles. This boy’s sweet temperament is my mommy highlight. What is yours? Comment below.

Mommy’s Happy Boy

The Low

My low is getting a few diagnoses to add to his large medical file.

1. Eczema. My sweet one is dealing with the itchy and uncomfortable situation. Including not being able to sleep through the night. His allergist has a plan. Praying it works, fast.

2. Anemia. Over the past month, I thought Samuel’s extra sleepiness was related to being a teenager. After all, don’t all 14 years old’s want to sleep in and take naps? Or so I thought. Then other clues appeared; lack of appetite, change in skin color, and loss of hair. A visit to the pediatrician confirmed the anemia diagnosis. The doctor is treating this condition with Ferrous Sulfate Iron. Praying this works fast too.

3. Samuel has a cold. Need prayers for little man to get over this fast too.

P.S. The doctor mentioned many teenagers have anemia.

Take Away

This is what is currently on my Mommy plate right now. It’s a lot. And I have been praying so much lately. God has had this kid in the center of his hand all along. As we face both the high’s and low’s, it’s good to remember, God is there.

“And he took the children in his arms, placed his hands on them and blessed them. Mark 10:16

May God continue to bless my sweet boy. And May He bless your children as well.

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2 Thoughts on The High’s And Low’s of Parenthood

  1. Whether an individual is or is not a parent, each person faces highs and lows in daily life. Reminders to leave it all in the hands of the Lord and to face each day with courage and joy is always an important thing to hear.

    • Hi Jan, Samuel’s smiling face in the midst of all his challenges reminds me to have joy. If Samuel can smile, then I can too! Hugs, Evelyn


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